What a fun word! Something to plan for. Something to be excited about. The anticipation oftentimes leads to a restless and sleepless night before the departure day. But how do you feel when you’re coming home? Do you make your way back home worn out and exhausted? Are you bummed because you have to go back your mundane work schedule?

You’re not vacationing right then!
I’m currently sitting in CLT. It’s 7:09 am and I’m waiting to board my final flight home to Charleston. I’ve just spent the last 10 days in California visiting friends whom I consider family. Of course I was bummed to leave! IT’S CALI-FUCKING-FORNIA but I’m coming back to Charleston with a plan, goals in sight, and excited to see my Southern Belles that I’ve grown close to in the short amount of time I’ve lived here.

Being back around my soul people worked wonders on, well, my soul! I was loud, sometimes crude, laughed until my sides hurt but I was surrounded by love and people who raise my vibrations. Maybe you’re not visiting friends and family on your personal vacation. Sometimes those are the vacations that help you appreciate the friends and family you have back home. For example, sticking my toes in the sand by the Oceanside Pier made me realize just how much I missed my Charleston Beach Bestie.

So what are my plans? How did I get to this post-vacation zen? A lot of wine, for one. But included with the wine were my Soul Sisters that put everything into perspective for me. That guy I’ve had my eyes on for years? ‘SPEAK UP! SAY SOMETHING!’, they said. Finally taking that scuba lesson I’ve been afraid to participate in? ‘WHAT ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF? YOU’LL BE FINE!’

I guess moving around and priding myself on being that adventurous, bold, young woman, I got a little stagnant. Sure, I go out to eat by myself. I enjoy it! But really, what else am I doing for personal growth? What am I doing to continue to challenge myself? The answer is nothing. I’ve been doing absolutely nothing.

Having just celebrated my 33rd birthday on the 4th, (fun fact: 33 and 4 are my lucky numbers!) I am going to do those things that my mind, body, and soul crave to grow. Just the way I crave fresh, not fried veggies in the South. I am going to run that Ravenal bridge on a regular basis. I am going to get those new headshots, update my acting portfolio, AND ACTUALLY SUBMIT IT. I’m going to take that full day fishing trip and try my hand at making sushi. Why the fuck not, right?!

Before I take this last flight, I’m reflecting on my list of goals I want to achieve and getting quite the butterflies. I’ve sent the text and I’m waiting on the reply. I’ve manifested what I want to the universe in great detail. I’ve hand-written my personal growth to-do list. Now, it’s time to take MY life by the lady balls and make shit happen.

Wheels UP!