Saturday August 15, 2015

I love live music. I love strong cocktails. Thankfully, Pappy and Harriet’s out in the high desert of Yucca Valley have both of these.

I hit the road, I-10 to the 62 then a left on Pioneertown Rd.,  a curvy road where my back country swervin’ comes in handy.

This place sneaks up on you. You’re cruisin’ along just enjoying the drive and then all of a sudden there you are.

I park along the side of the road and saunter in. Yeah, that’s what I did, saunter. (Or was it sashay? Moving on…)

Surprisingly, I find a spot at the bar, three bar stools away from the service well. The only reason this is important is a larger couple was taking up the two seats nearest to the well and once the bands got started, they made it a little difficult for me see the acts without losing my prime real estate at the bar. Oh well, my ears weren’t broken.

And thank god. I’m sipping on a Bud Light (you know, hydrating) and the band starts up. A nice little guitar riff, the easy tempo of the drums, then the most soulful, beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. His voice reminded me of a raspy, sultry Chris Cornell from the bayou.

I needed these people out of my way. Now. I had to catch a glimpse of this man. Thankfully, they get up to dance. Unobstructed view! This man is not what I expected, he’s better!

Tall and dark with sunglasses and a ball cap. Let’s not forget that beard! I know plenty of guys that would love to give that beard a tug.

And the drummer?! SWOON. Needless to say I’ve got a crush on this guy. Man-bun, glasses, never smiles. Just my type: unattainable. I should’ve had the chutzpa to approach him but hadn’t gathered enough (liquid) courage.

The band, four guys from Texas (five guys according to their Facebook), got their start in 2012. They call their music southern soul funk. I couldn’t describe it any better. This particular night Wolf, from Ivory Deville, fills in on bass. Had they not mentioned him as a temporary replacement, I would’ve never know he wasn’t part of Love and the Zealous. He fits in seamlessly.

They perform a few of their originals in addition to some covers including frontman, Richard Love’s, personal favorite, No Diggity. It puts Backstreets original to shame. Really, check it out.

They’re short set is over. I head to the ladies room to reapply my bright red lipstick (MAC – Ruby Woo) just in case Hottie Drummer and I cross paths. They didn’t but I did see Richard Love in line for a beer. I make it a point to compliment him on his performance. Little do I know, I’m going to see more of him.

At this point, I’m a little buzzed on the tunes and booze that I can’t really recall how Ivory Deville begin their set but I make no hesitation to leave my bar stool and head to the dance floor.

Any girl with the voice of Amy Winehouse meets Gwen Stefani has my attention. Not to mention, she’s wearing a flowing white lace skirt and has long red hair. I’m hooked.

I felt like I was lucky enough to score front row tickets to a sold out show. Long-haired hippies have me in a trance. Each of these people is mega-talented on his or her own. Get them together and they’re called Ivory Deville

Ivory Deville

Borrowed from

Ivory Deville  is the middle act, sandwiched between Love and the Zealous and Valley Queen. These five (only four tonight) are going to bring back Rock-N-Roll. They already have fans at that are hollerin’ “WE WANT MORE!” at the end of their last song.

Hell, I do, too! I’ve just spent the last 30ish minutes swaying alongside a gorgeous, blonde gypsy with perfect bangs named Gina. She happens to be the bass player’s girlfriend. She tells me she met him while working at the House of Blues in Hollywood and dumped the job to tour with him in their van. They make eyes at each other while he’s strummin’ and she’s like that Emoji with hearts for eyes.

True love at it’s finest.

I offer her a beer and we head out back to hang with the band before their encore with Love and the Zealous.

People are lined up to purchase shirts, stickers, vinyl. Anything with Ivory Deville on it. I’m right there with them and purchase a dark gray shirt with IVORY DEVILLE in white block letters emblazoned across the chest, a current favorite in my closet.

It’s about that time. Folks are finishing their beers, putting out their cigarettes, and passing the dutchie on the left hand side one last time. We herd inside to witness this much anticipated encore. Double the singers, double the guitars, double the bass. This is going to be fucking awesome!

The crowd, having now tripled in size, are applauding and hollering. Some small talk from the band and after a little bit of tuning, it begins. Did I just stumble into a garage jam session? Covers of Sitting On the Dock of the Bay and Bennie and the Jets are still in the back of my mind.

After their performance and back outside, I overhear the band members complimenting each other. There’s a certain kind of camaraderie that you only find in a musical setting. It’s like a brotherhood. They’re going to do this all over again the next night as all three bands are on a tour together. And to think I’ve got two new favorite bands on my playlist now all because they went 30 miles off the 10 to play a kick ass show in the high desert.

Where do I send a thank you card for a kick-ass time?